Tableside POS

Tableside POS brings Intelligent Northstar POS to life. It displays a member's complete ordering history including modifiers to enable efficient personalized member service.

The compact POS system is designed specifically for a handheld 7" tablet that is not only inexpensive but can also fit in any adults hand, pocket or apron. It also serves as a two way link between the kitchen (KDS) and the server ensuring that both are always in the know thereby elevating the dining experience. With Tableside POS world class dining service is a breeze....

Benefits of Tableside POS

Benefits of Tableside POS

  • Decrease service time by 4-6 minutes per order
  • Decrease errors by eliminating re-keying orders
  • Easily access member dining preferences
  • All menu item descriptions for wines and daily specials available to tell the member
  • Kitchen can communicate directly with servers via the Tableside POS device
  • Open new member checks quickly with predefined spouse and children links
  • Slide navigation makes hundreds of menu Items easily accessible
  • Ordering by seat is easy and simple with Tableside POS

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