Kitchen Display System

Kitchen Display System (KDS) helps organize and simplify kitchen operations so that the chefs and kitchen staff can focus on what is important – mouthwatering food and top notch service. In addition to making the operations more efficient KDS also offers specific tools for the Executive Chef, for the Club Management and for Analysis & Reporting that facilitate smoother processes and better decision making.


Kitchen Operations

  • Manage order flow
  • Time-to-Cook management, ensures orders are "plated" together
  • Expo display tracks all prep activity from hot & cold prep displays
  • Visual depiction of orders on larger device makes kitchens’ job easier
  • Kitchen displays that can replace or supplement existing printers
  • Audible sounds alerts kitchen staff of new orders in
  • Configurable text size & order display allows for accurate tracking

Chef View

  • Chef item summaries ensures that no order slips through the cracks
  • Displays member cooking preferences
  • Quick items summary to view all items being prepped in a single glance
  • Order additions are highlighted so that changes do not disturb order flow
  • Grab ‘N Go Orders are segregated for easy identification and delivery


  • View of kitchen load can keep the dining room “out-of-the-weeds”
  • Hybrid solution that supports chit printing and KDS at the same time
  • ClubView connection to KDS enables overview outside kitchen also
  • POS integration can alert servers of the status of each of their orders


  • Statistical reporting on all orders to measure the efficiency of kitchen staff
  • Ability to track order progression by time…Order In, Order Up, Order Served
  • Prep times tracked per prep station to enable problem source tracking

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