Information is Power and ClubView provides that power to the club staff. ClubView puts the Who, What, Where, When and How in the hands of the club management to provide exceptional member service.

With ClubView, management and staff have all the pertinent information to elevate the member experience. Know which members are at the various locations of the club at any moment; follow the progression of a members’ dining experience or monitor an event or private party so that every aspect of the member experience is under control. For membership staff, ClubView organizes leads by status and identifies guests that can be added as leads. ClubView is Modern – Mobile – Management.



  • Staff has key data about each member at the club available at their fingertips
  • Member & dependents can be grouped together or viewed separately
  • Staff can enter notes specific to a member

Just Arrived

  • Displays members at the dining rooms, golf courses, tennis courts, etc.
  • Lists members who have reservations but are yet to arrive

Red Book

  • Displays events happening at the club on that day
  • Presents a snapshot of events at the club for the coming 2 weeks
  • BEO is up to date and available for each event
  • Change log enables staff to track changes


  • Displays members who are celebrating birthdays or anniversaries
  • Empowers staff to provide personalized service


  • First of its kind tool to organize all of the clubs’ boards, committees and groups.
  • Displays board agenda, minutes, committee reports, etc.
  • Presents all the information in an organized and sequential manner


  • Lists information about all the member leads currently being tracked at the club
  • Organizes leads by status – hot / cold, etc.

Point of Sale (POS)

  • Links directly to the Northstar POS
  • Enables electronic signature capture doing away with paper chits


  • Identifies all known and unknown guests that will be at the club
  • Allows staff to identify and add all guests into the lead database


  • Tracks the progression of a member’s food order through the kitchen
  • Speeds up level of service
  • Informs servers when the members’ order is ready

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